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The Wild Ones of the Bible

The Wild Ones of the Bible is a weekly program offered to all women in the Nashville facility. In our sessions we bring music and stories that aim to give hope and understanding even in the darkest seasons of life.



Born out of the organization Send Musicians To Prison, our priority every session is to play songs of hope for our attendees. The last week of every month we host a live concert. We strongly believe that music can heal in ways words alone might fall short. Our hope is to inspire musicians, give voice to heartache and plant a seed of hope for others in the future.



Three weeks of the month we tell the stories of 'the wild ones of Bible' - those characters were raised in the margins, who were incarcerated and often defied society’s standards. They are the ones that He drew from the outside and in to His heart. In these stories, we learn a little bit about who God is, how He strives for His love to invade our deepest darkness.



In our sessions we break off into small groups to discuss the stories and listen to music as a group. Our goal is to create a safe place to ask the hard questions wand establish healthy and honest dialogue about our struggles.

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Why the wild ones?

In our sessions, we love to discuss the stories of the ‘Wild Ones of the Bible’: the people who God met in the margins of their society and called them into their destiny as world changers. By telling their stories, we hope to frame the gospel in a more relatable light to a listener who has felt cast aside or hopeless. We want them to see that their life, their story can be given meaning, that God can take anyone’s journey and give it hope and divine purpose. We believe the identification as a ‘wild one’ is a badge to wear proudly as we learn to identify and hone our skills to better not only ourselves but our communities as well, to discover the potential for leadership in our attendees and help pull one another out of the darkness. We believe that the church needs the wild ones and is missing out on a part of God’s heart without them.