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“So that you never have to come back here.”

The Academy is a nine-week faith based intensive program offered to women experiencing incarceration. The pre-release curriculum aims to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual health of participants. Our goal is to empower participants with the tools to ‘stay out of their own way’, invest in leadership skills, and accompany them on the journey to healing so that participants never return to incarceration. We aim to shine the light on participants’ natural talents and interests and teach them to use those talents to contribute to their community and ultimately to society.

The holistic curriculum was put together by Nathan Lee of Send Musicians To Prison and The Academy’s current director Joanna Lampa. The Bible curriculum was written by educator Amanda McKeehan, and all classes are taught by incredible and experienced volunteers. The Academy’s first semester started in June 2018 with fourteen participants. Participants live together in two rooms, attend three classes a day taught by different educators. The Academy partnered with a local half-way house and strongly recommends that graduates attend upon release.

The classes currently offered weekly to The Academy participants are:


“Could this be the first time I feel acceptance?”

-Academy Participant December 2018


“You smell that? Smells Like Freedom.”

-Academy Participant January 2019